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Spiral Techniques is a specialized system of neuromuscular therapy that benefits everyone – the well-functioning as well as the injured – and works simultaneously on the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the mind/body constellation.

Benefit of Treatment

Spiral Techniques benefits people in the following specific ways:

  • » Relaxes soft tissues allowing deep release and skeletal structural realignment
  • » Increases balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and range of motion
  • » Improves movement efficiency and effectiveness
  • » Encourages confidence and restores the feeling of “can-do”
  • » Increases general health and strengthens immune response.
  • » Accelerates healing and recovery from acute and chronic tension and pain.

Secondary effects that have been frequently observed include:

  • » Increases body awareness
  • » Facilitates release of emotional holding and trauma
  • » Anti-aging
  • » Improvement of vision and see colors more brightly