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Cervical Spondylosis

What is cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis takes place with wear and tear of bones and cartilages. The effect is observed mostly on the cervical spine.  It is also often called Arthritis of the Neck. It leads to the neck pain and shows the degeneration of the bones in the neck with the age. It is most often caused due to getting older. The other names of the cervical spondylosis are cervical osteoarthritis, Neck arthritis, Arthritis – neck The degeneration of the neck joints is cervical spondylosis and it takes the growth with the increase of the person’s age. According to the reports above to the age of 60 are mostly affecting by this disorder. Sometimes this disorder can also make an individual disabled or else crippling.

Effect of cervical spondylosis

Spondylosis can be resulted like disk degeneration and losing of water content. Comparing to the child and young people the old age people will have low water content and it makes the disks dry out and later to weaken. This problem causes collapse or settling of the disk spaces and gives loss in the disk height. With the same cause of aging joints of the neck will experience the growing pressure which in turn causes the degeneration of joints or neck Spondylosis.

In common to the knee joint, the cartilage that protects the joints will become lose. This will also result in rubbing on the bone. On the process of fostering the vertebrae due to cartilage loss our body grows up the new bone in facet joints and the over growth this new bone makes the problem spurs. You can also come across the sufferance of chronic pain and stiffness around your body. But, it is not really severe as long as you go ahead with the daily activities. You can really stay well and profound if proper treatment is carried on.

Causes of the cervical spondylosis

There are many factors in the list of increasing the risk of cervical spondylosis. To the higher neck pain risk or cervical spondylosis the following are the main causes.

Injuries or trauma

People come across variety of accidents. Some gets it often and others get it sometimes.  There are people who take the bike ride and enjoy the same. But, due to careless of driver or the opposite person if there are injuries or trauma, it leads to the neck pain.


You must have heard that smoking is injurious for health. Even after listening to such phrases there are people who keeps smoking.  But, it is the time to take the fact seriously and restrict smoking. This is one of the severe causes of the cervical spondylosis and it is clearly interfaced with the problem.

Hereditary problem

Some of the family members or our ancestors have the problem of arthritis or cervical spondylosis.  If your family history is consisted with this problem, you may also be affected with the issue of cervical spondylosis.


We all stay depressed some or the other time in life. Some people have severe trauma or nightmare. They need to intake the antidepressant. Some men health problems like depression and anxiety sometimes calls for the cervical spondylosis.

Neck and head motion

Employees and workers are affected with the occupational hazards. Sometimes due to our work need, we have to go through the extreme head motion.  If your job is indulged with the extreme neck motion or head motion it also causes the pain. For example when we sit in front of the computer screen same can be observed.

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis

Pain in the neck differs most of the time from mild to harsh. Some of the causes of pain in the neck are looking up or down, car driving, reading books etc. Taking proper rest and lying down for some time will add the relief.

  • »The major symptom to notice is pain in the neck and neck stiffness becomes worse.
  • »Headaches, mostly in the back of the head.
  • »Sounds like grinding in the neck simultaneously with the neck movement.
  • »Numbness or weakness in hands, arms and fingers.
  • »The person will find trouble in walking due to weakness in the hands or legs and loss his/her balance.
  • »Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders.
  • »The pain might becomes worse at the night or after standing or sitting, while cough, sneeze, or laugh and walking higher than few yards or When you bend the neck backwards.

Diagnosis tests

A neck or spine x-ray may be done to check for arthritis and other additional changes in the spine. When the person is getting severe neck/ arm pain MRI of the neck should be done. This is processed if there is no result with the treatment. MRI is also done when there is weakness in the arms or hands. In order to examine the functioning of the nerve root EMG, nerve conduction velocity test will be done.



Today most of the diseases and the health conditions are treated with the help of the physiotherapy. Your doctor may suggest to go for physiotherapy. This physical therapy will be helpful in reducing the pain as the therapist uses the stretches. Here you don’t have to go for any medicine intake or surgeries. Everything will be done with the movement of your body in specific way. The expert physiotherapist will help you with the same.

Message therapist

Much disease can be recovered with the help of the message therapy. You must have heard about the body massage. This can be of two types. One type of massage is connected to your beauty and fitness. Another type is related to health. You can consult a massage therapist who is well known with the acupuncture and spinal manipulation. With in the few sitting it gives relief from the neck pain.

Sleep without pillow

Some of us have the habit of sleeping on the pillow that is high up. But if you have issue of cervical spondylosis, sleep on your back without pillow. Do not sleep on your stomach; it will causes more pain by next day.

Take rest from screen sometime

Whether we are student or working personnel, our maximum work is associated with the computer screen.  This is also a reason behind the shoulder muscle tenderness. As a result you get cervical spondylosis. Avoid sitting long times in front of computers. Take a walk for every half an hour.

Avoid uneven surface

Most of the people have a passion of driving their own vehicle. May it be two wheeler or four wheeler? But our Indian roads are full of unevenness and holes. Do not drive your vehicle into path-holes of the road. It will worse the pain.