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Sprial Therapy invented by Dr Satish Kumar (International Spiral Therapist)  of India is a fundamental cure system. It cures the ailments by correcting through specific pre‐determined
Protocols varying from ailments to ailments. All correctiobs are aimed at Spiral System existing
In all living human bodies. This spiral therapy is purely an alternative medicine system (no medicine administered orally or externally. As it cures ailments by working on the spiral system,
It is probably the world’s fastest cure system when compared against existing therapies.

The spiral therapy cab also cure various irreversible diseases like motor neuron diseases, Parkinson’s,multiple sclerosis,muscular dystrophy,cerebral palsy and also ankylosing spondylitis etc in a very effective and faster way.Paralysis is cured in a very effective and fast mode. Lot of improvement can be brought in such patients and are subsequently made walk-able independently in tentatively 15 to 20 days of treatment.

Spiral therapy has immense cure capabilities to cure neurological and orthopaedic related ailments and problems like cervical spondylitis,backpain,slip disc,leg pain,frozen shoulders,severe knee pain,And pain in the heels are cured surprisingly quickly and also improve upon the fundamental core.This therapy can prove a boon to the entire world and can bring laurels in the life of millions of suffering humanity,especially in the areas where no authentic cure is available except surgical intervention (operation)and heavy doses of medicines for pain.

Dr Satish Kumar has helped cure the frozen shoulder problem of wife of Sh Arjun Singh,ex‐minister HRD(Human Resource Development),Govt of India.Sh Ajit Jogi,ex chief minister Chhatisgarh,was also helped in his quadri‐pheligia to a great extent by Dr Satish.MP(member of Parliament) from Maharajganj,Mr Pankaj Chaudhary,and MP Khushinagar,Mr Rajesh Pandey have also benefitted From the therapy of Dr Satish where the prestigious medical institutes like AIIMS and PGI were Unable to relieve the pain for them. With the support of Govt of India and other states,the spiral Therapy can do miracles by managing the pain and suffering of millions of people and drastically Improve their mobility and quality of life,while ensuring to save substantial sums of money.

Thanks and Regards.