Dr. Satish of India has invented Spiral Therapy which is a fundamental cure system that use no medicine internally or externally. It is the fastest cure system as compared to other systems available across the world. The therapy cures the ailments through Spiral System that is present in every living human body. The cure is done by triggering corresponding spiral system by pushing and rotating through the ends of limbs, signals are sent via channels already present in the body and linked to the specific spiral system.

This magical therapy is immensely capable of curing brain, Neurological and orthopedic ailments like back pain, cervical spondylitis, slip disc, leg pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, heel pain and others. The therapy is very effective to cure and recover Paralysis. The patient becomes independently walkable in not more than 15 days of therapy.

Dr. Satish is planning to cure poor people first with the help of NGOs. If the government of India, the state government and social organizations join hands with him, then he will cure million of people suffering from such ailments.